An overview of Virginia EMS regulations highlighting the importance of patient care reporting and an introduction to our new ePCR platform, Elite.  Students will learn about Virginia Beach EMS reporting requirements, hardware used to capture ePCR, and how to use Elite.  Then, each student can complete 3 types of reports to familiarize themselves with Elite with hands-on exercises.

This course is the first part of the Virginia Beach Emergency Vehicle Operator's Course (EVOC).  EVOC students will need to complete this online part I course prior to completing parts II (classroom) and III (dynamic driving range).  Once a student has successfully completed all three parts, he/she will be eligible for EVOC certification.

This information is designed to provide all new members with the mandatory Hep B and TB forms and instructions on how to complete the forms.  Included are all recommended vaccines as well.

  • The completed forms are required before an ID can be issued.
  • This is NOT the OSHA course (initial or refresher).  OSHA is a separate course.  

This course is for Students and New members.  It is designed to provide an introduction and orientation to how our members will be scheduled for their duties with VBEMS using our scheduling system (Oscartrack).

Overview and initial training required for all members of the VBEMS Special Response team.  Includes the following topics:

  • Team-specific policies and procedures
  • Operational response
  • Mass-casuality treatment area equipment and operations
  • First responder rehabilitation

All VBEMS members may take this class.