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The goal of the initial on-line OSHA training is to reduce the occupational transmission of infections caused by microorganisms sometimes found in human blood and certain other potentially infectious materials.

New members should complete the initial on-line OSHA Training.  Members who are returning from leave and/or members who did not complete the annual OSHA refresher should also complete the initial on-line OSHA Training.

All members, even members who recently completed initial OSHA training, must complete annual OSHA refresher training each October.

This information is designed to provide all new members with the mandatory Hep B form and instructions on how to complete the form.  Included are all recommended vaccines as well.

  • The completed forms are required before an ID can be issued.
  • This is NOT the OSHA course (initial or refresher).  OSHA is a separate course.  

This course is for Students and New members.  It is designed to provide an introduction and orientation to how our members will be scheduled for their duties with VBEMS using our scheduling system (Oscartrack).