Its 2021 and time for some minor TEMS Protocol Updates!

This document is intended to be used as a tool for agencies and providers operating in the Tidewater EMS region to highlight recent updates to regional EMS protocols. Effective July 1, 2021, the current protocols (13thEdition) will be revised with the changes listed in this document. As always, individual agencies and operational medical directors have discretion to follow any/all of these protocols and incorporate provider training as needed.

These revisions were carefully considered and approved by the TEMS Education & Training Committee, Medical Oversight Committee (MOC), and the Operational Medical Director’s (OMD) Committee. Rationale for changes is based on the latest science and evidence-based medicine. In addition, the committees wanted to take advantage of the skillset for EMT-Advanced providers by expanding their scope of practice.

The 2020 changes in the TEMS protocols mark significant differences in how the protocol flowcharts look, how pediatric patients are categorized, and see changes in available medications, how medical technology is managed in the field, and a significant addition to empowering tools available to the provider.